Our Story

Adrian Rose, named after (and inspired by) our two beautiful children, is our realized vision for a brand that produces jewelry in-house from start to finish. We, Han and Amy, began our journey in 2015 as jewelry designers and curators creating heirlooms. As a husband-wife team, we realized the meaning of passing quality pieces down through generations.

With the pursuit of developing a brand that prides itself in maintaining full control of the process, Adrian Rose is able to give its clients direct access to its designers and makers. Our process includes advanced CAD design, traditional lost-wax casting, precise hand fabrication and intricate stone setting—adapting to the latest technology in the industry.

By integrating design and fabrication under one roof, bridging the gap between design and fabrication, we are able to provide our clients with the finished products they envisioned. Also with this advantage, we can create superior quality work while avoiding the costs of outsourcing. This flexibility allows us to innovate and remain creative, which gives us room to stay competitive.

At Adrian Rose we bring the same passion and dedication that we bring to our family to our clients, because we love what we do. We recognize that fine jewelry is a purchase where the tale behind each piece is special and unique, and we want to be a part of your story. Reach out to us with any question or ideas that you want to bring to life.